Transforming How You Work With Budgets and Money: From Budget Forecasting to Daily Balancing with Bountisphere

Welcome to the Bountisphere family. Our journey goes beyond technology; it is rooted in personal experiences of overcoming financial challenges. With our innovative personal finance management tool and user-centric design, we aim to create a community where everyone can confidently achieve their financial goals.


Who are we?

At Bountisphere, we are passionate about helping you live the life you want with peace of mind.

Here is our real origin story from our Founder, Jon-David Hague, and why we built Bountisphere:

In the fall of 2021, my retired mother-in-law was struggling with $30,000 in credit card debt and hundreds of dollars in overdraft and late fees. Despite having pensions and Social Security, she was “money sick” with an unhealthy relationship with her finances.

Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995, I managed to buy a house and finance two households after my divorce, all on a modest salary. My simple method of forecasting bills, managing payments, and regularly balancing my checkbook worked for me, and I believed it could help my mother-in-law.

With her permission, I stepped in as a detached third-party with her best interests at heart. In just 20 months, I paid off all her credit card debt, raised her credit score from 430 to 730, and she qualified for a home loan and bought a house.

We built Bountisphere to bring this effective approach to paying off debt, saving more, and finding financial peace of mind to you.

Be Bountiful!

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